Management Systems

This is the infrastructure of the business. Management systems are more than policies and procedures. They encompass the people and the interactions of these elements which are best supported with advanced software platforms.

Over time we have seen an increase in regulations pertaining to traceability and quality controls, which in turn, emphasizes the importance of track and trace platforms like METRC and MJ Freeway.  While these track and trace platforms continue to evolve with the industry, many fall short of providing operators the full suite of tools and functions found in enterprise resource planning (ERP) platforms. Selecting the appropriate software solutions to integrate with your state track and trace platform can reduce redundancies, ensuring both compliance and productivity are maintained while making a positive impact on profitability.  To this end, we identify the best infrastructure to align and manage your team, your processes, and your facility to optimize output.

Here are a few of the cross functional attributes we look for in ERP software:

  • Inventory management
  • Facility management
  • Document management
  • Record keeping
  • Performance tracking
  • Internal and external communication channels
  • Point of sale management
  • Accounting capabilities
  • Process management
  • State tracking integration, and
  • Security & access features.
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Management Systems
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