Understanding your vision will go a long way in maximizing your facility design.  From function to flow to finishes, we bring a thoughtful approach to design and layout to optimize your team’s productivity and deliver customer satisfaction.

As one of the most cost intensive aspects of becoming operational, your facility design and buildout deserves careful consideration.  Facility design should only take shape once the elements of product portfolio and process design have been defined.  These elements will provide direction and function to the facility schematics and maximize output per square foot.  Product portfolio will dictate size and capacity, while process design should drive the facility layout.  Beyond the aspects of size and flow, facility design becomes a product of function, with an abundance of possibilities, including:

  • Safety and security features
  • Utility optimization
  • GAP/cGMP requirements
  • ADA requirements
  • Health and sanitation setup
  • Environmental controls
  • Circulation space
  • Wall, floor, and ceiling materials and finishes
  • Lighting, and
  • Ambiance.

We understand how the totality of factors that go into facility design can be staggering. Having planned numerous facilities before, our valuable insight will lead you through the maze of decisions, ensuring the facility’s function will meet its purpose.

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