What’s in a Name? A Logo? A Brand?

Alex Pick
June 17, 2021

Gone are the days where getting by without an online presence is acceptable as a business, and even more so, without an appealing logo and name to support your brand. When we decided to form Terradigm, we knew we were entering a competitive landscape full of other companies claiming a similar business model, and in order to differentiate ourselves, would need to figure out a way to show clients we have the know-how from the ground up. We figured the best place to start creating our own identity would be in our name, logo, and overall brand (inclusive of our website, as this, too should not be overlooked!). While our name and the meaning behind it came to us fairly quickly, we spent days that turned into weeks working through various iterations of logo options inclusive of icon imaging, font, color palettes, etc. Now that we’ve finalized those components and have launched our brand, we thought it would be fun to pull the curtain back on the creative work we underwent in getting to this point, with the hope that it inspires other companies working through a similar process.

We put a lot of thought into our company name, branding, and the meaning behind it all, and are extremely proud of the ways in which all our thoughts, ideas, early drawings, etc came together. Our name, Terradigm, is a combination of the words terra, being from the land, and paradigm, a set of assumptions, concepts, values, and practices that constitutes a way of viewing reality for the community that shares them.

When thinking through our overall design preferences, we recognized that we were looking for an intelligent, sophisticated, yet approachable minimalist logo design that balanced masculine and feminine elements. We desired a logo icon that could stand on its own, and present well on apparel should we choose to go that route in the future. Additionally, we’re a consulting firm rather than a product company, therefore we were open to the logo design referencing a nod to the elements of plants, water, oil, and earth, however, we wanted to skirt the use of a cannabis leaf or the likeness of the cannabis plant in the design. After playing around with dozens of design options, we refined our approach to the icon and looked to incorporate an artistic expression of our company’s initials, T & C. Additional characteristics we wanted the icon and logo font to embody were confidence, diligence, humility, proficiency, innovation, and dependability, but most importantly, continual improvement. As a consulting company, we aim to be knowledgeable, approachable, sophisticated and engaging of both our clients and surrounding communities, and we were looking for an eye-catching design to encapsulate all of these characteristics, which was no small feat! We think we were able to accomplish this in our icon (which was largely designed in-house by one of our Founders, btw!), and it does include a subtle reference to the T & C while also conjuring thoughts/images of movement and forward progression. While we’re pleased with how it all turned out, we would love to hear what you think!

Questions for you: Have you started a company, and if so, did you enjoy the creative process of branding and naming your company? Where did you find your inspiration?