What is Cannabis Consulting?

Sean Arnold
February 1, 2022

Choosing to employ consulting means seeking expert advice about a topic, system, or niche you are working in. Consultants give direction to both brands in need and to those organizations seeking to regularly self-evaluate in an effort to continually improve. By and large, consultants work on projects to lend support to organizations to enhance their performance. 

How Does Consulting Relate to Cannabis? 

Consulting in cannabis is set apart from other types of consulting because cannabis itself is a pioneering, new industry. Consultants act by helping fledgling businesses in the industry as well as helping multi-state operators (MSOs) looking for meaningful expansion. Because the industry is still new, there are plenty of opportunities for creative ideas from expert consultants.

Since the cannabis industry is comprised of a patchwork of state and municipal markets, specialized expertise isn’t just recommended — it’s a near-requisite. Without federal oversight, tripping hazards are common in the industry, but with a cannabis consultant as your guide, you can avoid them to reach your operational destination safely. 

At Terradigm Consulting, we are a group of niched cannabis consultants working alongside industry professionals, leaders, and new members of the space to devise pertinent projects to help companies meet specific goals. We have worked with small businesses and large-scale operations to create plans that meet development goals and targets, whether it be creating a fresh brand logo or building the infrastructure to a sound quality management system

What Can Cannabis Consultants Help With?

As cannabis consultants, we help businesses out of a rut and troubleshoot a wide range of problems. Cannabis consultants can lead detailed communications planning sessions, business strategy development, implementation of programs, or provide companies with factual information from an unbiased perspective. When you work with niched industry experts, you’ll receive top-tier recommendations that give you the ability to identify solutions, streamline operations, and avoid common pitfalls. 

Work with Experienced Cannabis Consultants

Working with experienced cannabis consultants to ensure your projects are completed thoroughly is critical. Practiced consultants are intimately familiar with the industry's landscape and the challenges that come with it. Typically, seasoned cannabis consultants have worked on diverse projects and with a range of clients, granting them unique perspectives from the ground level that position them to support most clients’ needs. 

What We’ve Learned from Years of Offering Cannabis Consulting

One major takeaway from our experience in cannabis consulting is that an outside perspective allows clients to identify mistakes in their current operations and turn a problem on its head by framing it instead as an opportunity to generate new solutions. If a business is constantly busy troubleshooting, finding time to search for and implement alternative approaches can be difficult. At Terradigm, we give businesses a detailed checklist to ensure each element of the operation is carefully considered in a linear, logical fashion without having insider bias to color their recommendations.

When Do You Hire a Cannabis Consultant? 

Consultants can provide added expertise, offering an in-depth dynamic to your organization, and the best part is you can work with them at any time. Cannabis consultants can be brought on without an extraction, grow operation, or dispensary business being on the edge of despair. Consultants can help you avoid pitfalls you may otherwise miss and offer value by coming at problems head-on. Hiring a cannabis consultant can happen at any time, as we act in the role of a coach, helping your business find ways to support your team, consumers, and company culture cohesively. 

What to Look for in a Cannabis Consultant

You have learned what cannabis consultants can bring to the table, and now you are ready to consider their professional input. When it’s time to find a cannabis consultant, know what to look for. Choose a cannabis consultant with direct or parallel industry experience. In the cannabis industry, it’s critical to work with a consultant who knows the industry from a high level and from the inside on the micro-scale. At Terradigm, we’ve seen great success in the industry prior to consultancy work and pull from diverse backgrounds to form a web of experienced professionals from various cannabis-specific sectors. Receiving a holistic approach is crucial to ensure your consulting strategy is impactful. Pay attention to aspects such as data and experience-driven consulting to ensure you receive valuable information and can move goals forward gracefully. 

Consider how cannabis consulting can help your next project. All types of cannabis businesses can benefit from consulting to create powerful strategies, strengthen their business and foster cohesion. If you’re looking for a go-to cross-industry consulting firm, Terradigm Consulting may be the right choice for you. Begin the conversation with an initial consultation. We’re happy to help move your cannabis brand in a positive direction.