Improving the Industry While Protecting the Public

Sean Arnold
June 17, 2021

“Standards” is a trending topic in cannabis right now, and rightfully so. You may not realize it but standards are part of our everyday lives. From banking and healthcare to food and technology, standards are behind the scenes providing technical requirements and structure to the products, processes, and services that make the world go round.  

Cannabis standards bridge regulatory and technical differences that may exist between geographic markets so that all interested parties are aligned on matters of safety, consistency, and quality. As with any new industry, standards are not inherent and will take time to develop. This involves a concerted effort of professionals from numerous fields to lay the foundation that will support the growth and sustainability of the industry for years to come. The Foundation of Cannabis Unified Standards (FOCUS) and ASTM International are a couple of the organizations currently leading the cause, creating a certifiable framework that will provide a degree of operational transparency and further serve to identify responsible industry players.   

On the surface, this may look and feel like more regulations for an industry already enduring an immense regulatory responsibility. On the contrary, standards serve to organize and align the form and function of the industry while providing a layer of risk management that protects both businesses and consumers from unnecessary harm and financial hardship. As the industry matures and competition increases, third-party certification programs that confirm adherence to a set of standards will become a common prerequisite for B2B relationships. This is already common practice in the CPG world, so it’s a natural evolution for an industry seeking mainstream acceptance. 

Operational standards in cannabis will serve to support continuity and transparency as the industry matures, competition intensifies, and economies of scale become a reality through federal legalization. At Terradigm, we believe there’s a tremendous value in adhering to standards and have seen firsthand how much it can impact various aspects of an organization, including the bottom line. Our guiding principles were created with this in mind, and as such, we’re excited to support the cause. Whether you’re looking for more information on where to start or need assistance managing your overall quality regime, we have the resources to help you find success.