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Terradigm Consulting is a team of accomplished cannabis professionals and specialists from parallel industries providing innovative support to commercial cannabis stakeholders. We are united in our passion to help others succeed and driven to promote and build a sustainable future for the industry.

Terradigm is a combination of the words terra, being from the land, and paradigm, a set of assumptions, concepts, values, and practices that constitutes a way of viewing reality for the community that shares them.

It isn’t simply a name:  it represents our guiding principles.

Our underlying principles

Our Approach

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Safe Operations

Safety is the most important aspect in business.  We address workplace safety in every regard to protect people, property, product, and profits.

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Quality Minded

If it's not measured it's not managed. We emphasize quality management systems to maintain standards and deliver consistent products and services.

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Optimal Productivity

Minimizing inputs and maximizing outputs while staying on schedule is every business's goal.  We prioritize process design and training to optimize operational efficiencies.

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Absolute Compliance

It’s an unstated given that drives every decision and the minimum standard upon which our business and our services are built.

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Continual Improvement

We are dedicated in our pursuit of improvement. We promote innovative solutions proven to enhance performance and sustainability within the industry.

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Relentless Accountability

We listen as much as we speak. We share concise information with frequency respecting time and relevancy of our communications.  

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